Michael Stasinos – Urban Landscape and Figurative Painting
Under Seattle's great arc of gray sky, the buildings have intense color. The foreground gardens are lush, lovingly painted. Then a ribbon of concrete freeway, empty of cars, providing a barrier beyond which lies the painting's real subject: the bewildering complexity of a modern city.'' – Cornichon.org

Michael Stasinos


Born in Canoga Park, Calif., Michael now calls Seattle home. He attended Southern Utah University, where he studied both theater and fine art. “I began my university education by studying to become an actor,” he says. “However, exposure to the visual arts diverted my interest into new creative possibilities. The years I spent developing back-stories for my characters as an actor, or dressing sets to enhance the story as a director, had an influence on the type of artist I would become. I discovered early on that I was interested in representational and figurative art.”
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Urban Landscapes

Intimate and expansive
Urban portraits from Seattle, New York, Amsterdam, and Paris.
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