Michael Stasinos – Urban Landscape and Figurative Painting

Michael’s plein air painting featured in Mad About Paris

“All Paintings end up being beautiful”

by Martina Meister in “Mad About Paris” | November 2011

post-thumb-mad-about-parisParis is full of intriguing people and unexpected encounters. Take Michael Stasinos. Since a couple of days I saw him standing there for hours and hours on the little square of the Marais, painting patiently the urban landscape. He seemed so deeply sank into his work that I didn’t dare to interrupt him. When I was passing by, I only figured out that he was painting with tiny, little brushes, hardly a couple of hairs, working like a watchmaker with colours, fixing what he saw and meticulousy translating it on canvas.
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Michael Stasinos, Turenne, Marias , Paris, 5-¾ x 11-¾